Author: Mark Jones

Migration to Flow: How to Migrate Existing Workflow Rules to Flow with Migrate to Flow

Have you begun to plan out how to migrate your existing declarative automation into Flow? In this post, I begin a short three-part series on the Migrate to Flow tool offered by Salesforce. This first post in the series looks at how you can migrate your Workflow Rules to Flow using the tool and provides some insight on my views on the process and how I would build out the Flow being migrated in this post from scratch.

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My Top Highlights from the Spring ’23 Seasonal Release

The Spring ’23 Seasonal Release is just around the corner. In this post, I share my Flow highlights for the upcoming release. Covering updates that can (and will) help with documentation and updates that will help Admins migrate existing automation into Flow. Please do check out my Flow highlights for this seasonal release.

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