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Unpacking the End of Support Announcement for Workflow Rules and Process Builder

This post unpacks the March announcement on the retirement of Workflow Rules and Process Builder, guiding you through its implications and the transition to Flow. As 2025 marks the end of support, understanding these changes is crucial for ensuring your Salesforce org remains efficient and compliant. Dive in for a focused analysis and actionable insights tailored for experienced admins.

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Winter ’24 Treasure Hunt … Custom Error Messages!!!

The upcoming Winter ’24 release from Salesforce introduces the new Custom Error Message element in Flow, allowing dynamic, user-friendly error messages in Record-Triggered Flows, a significant shift in Salesforce’s error handling approach. This blog post delves into the functionality and configuration of this element, its implications for Salesforce’s future direction, and best practices for its implementation, inviting community feedback on its potential applications.

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